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Yoga Sun Salutations Workshop:


Sunday, November 12, 2:00 to 4:00 pm, YOGA SUN SALUTATIONS WORKSHOP!  All Levels, $20 for Early Bird Pre-Registered Students; $25 at the door.  


Do you LOVE Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), or would you LIKE to?  Want to increase your confidence and stamina in ANY yoga class?  Then this is the workshop for you!

Surya Namaskar is an energizing warm-up sequence and the foundation for most yoga traditions.  It builds strength, stability, and overall mobility.  And it is simply loads of fun!


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HI passport size, 2 x 2 inWelcome, yoga enthusiasts and those that are simply curious about yoga!  Would you like to feel more ease and steadiness so you can approach your day with joy?  Yoga can help, and Surya Namaskar, also known as Sun Salutations, are particularly well-suited to achieve such radiance.  I am Virginia Hill, the driving force behind AHA Yoga, and I am thrilled to connect with you about Sun Salutations in this upcoming special event.  Surya Namaskar sequences are very popular because they work all the major joints, warm all major muscle groups, and synchronizes breath with ongoing, fluid movement.  But, let’s face it:  for a lot of us, Sun Salutations are a bit of a fuss.  We may feel intimidated that we are not doing it just right, or our bodies may have demands different than the other students in the room. Or, maybe you have been doing this sequence a while and are ready for refinement!  If any of this sounds like you–or if you, like me, simply need more yoga in your life!–come join us for an invigorating afternoon.

In this second Sun Salutations workshop, we will begin with an accessible, very modified Surya Namaskar A with low lunges.  NO YOGA EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY; you just need basic mobility and the capacity to easily get up and down from the floor.


You will learn how to pause between poses, and also experience variations that make getting into and out of postures more comfortable.  We will gradually learn more challenging transitions, alongside options for modification.


Want to push yourself?  Yes, please!

Then we will practice Surya Namaskar B, which integrates Utkatasana (Chair/Fierce Pose), a great workout for the quads, as well as VirabhadrasanaI (Warrior 1), a superb stretch for tired and clenched Psoas (one of your hip flexors) as well as a subtle balance pose.


We will move through this sequence at an increasing pace, knowing that YOU always chose the poses and pace that is just right for you.  Then, we will slow down and learn in detail Chaturanga Dandasana (4-limbed staff pose) and Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward Facing Dog).  Though most folks often focus on the arms, we will first work core strengthening exercises. Secondly, for shoulder girdle integrity, we will review the importance of the Trapezius and Anterior Serratus.

You’ll savor all sorts of delicious options for each pose, alongside specific exercises to help you build these muscles so, over time, the tougher transitions begin to flow.



Come experience how proper alignment and inspiring practice brings you more ease and stability, so you not only enjoy your time on the mat more, but you approach your days with a sense of openness and delight, of mind as well as body.



Space is limited; this workshop is NOW FULLPlease sign up here if you want to be on the waiting list.


You will also receive a study guide so you can continue what you learned in your daily practice at home.  Feel the strength, energy, and confidence grow!

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suwannee river yoga for sun salue promoI’m Virginia Hill, your devoted yoga teacher of AHA Yoga, and am very proud to announce that I have paired up with Suwannee River Yoga to bring you this latest yoga offering!  This Sun Salutations Workshop will be held at the gorgeous practice space owned and operated by Dottie Price, in White Springs, Florida.  Come check out her wonderful studio, right near the historic center of town and a close trek away from the Suwannee River itself.  Parallel parking is available right in front of the studio, and ample additional parking is on Hamilton Street just behind the studio.  You can’t miss it, as this lovely space stands out!


Find Suwannee River Yoga at 16548 Spring Street, White Springs, Florida.

This workshop is now FULL, so SIGN UP HERE TO BE ADDED TO THE WAITING LIST if you want to step up your practice and revel in Surya Namaskar B.  Remember, this is a special TWO-HOUR workshop, and comes with our popular AHA Yoga study guides, full of exceptional detail.



Burning with excitement?  Me too!  I look forward to shining with Surya Namaskar and you.  Did you did not sign up in time?!  Be sure to sign the waiting list here, OR join our mailing list so you will not miss out next time.

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It is an honored to teach yoga and meditation to lessen mind-chatter and increase awareness, internal peace, and overall DELIGHT.  I know on a deep visceral, mental, emotional, and spiritual level the benefits yoga and meditation can cultivate in your life, and love sharing this wisdom, so look forward every day to sharing it.  I serve committed students who are ready for transformation.  Let’s connect if this sounds enticing to you.

–Virginia Hill, AHA Yoga Teacher

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