Restorative Yoga

Restorative banner, April 3

One of my most popular classes is back, for  ONE session only!



Would you like to feel more rested and energized?



Feel like there are not enough hours in the day?

Or just need some luxurious ‘Me Time’ to replenish your reserves & feel more cheerful?



Yes, please! 

Then come join me for a very SPECIAL evening of RESTORATIVE  YOGA TUESDAY, April 3, from 6 to 7:30 pm.  Ready to save YOUR place?  Registration is now open on-line here.




Balasana RestorativeRestorative Yoga is a very nurturing class designed to release tension slowly in the body, deepen and relax the breath, facilitate deep relaxation, and contribute to rejuvenation.  This approach is profound yet gentle; most postures are done on the floor and are held for a long time—up to ten minutes.  Many cotton bolsters and blankets as well as other props (pillows, foam blocks, yoga straps) are used to help open the body over time.  It is an incredibly helpful practice during times of an overwhelming workload or to-do list, or to help recover from fatigue, injury, or illness.



If you need to relieve stress, slow down, and make space for your body and mind to heal, and cultivate practices that will help you show up as your best self every day, reserve your place in THIS RESTORATIVE YOGA CLASS now.


RESTORATIVE YOGA is a restful, gentle technique.  Like a regular hatha or vinyasa yoga practice, RESTORATIVE YOGA helps refine, comfort, and restore your body and mind, and nuanced adjustments of props allow you to learn what practices work best for your body at any given time.  Restorative Yoga has also helped my students enhance the quality of sleep, and thus they return to their days more inspired and renewed.



Would you like to try a RESTORATIVE YOGA practice for yourself?  Your invcestment is $15, and includes use of all props.  You will also be guided through a systematic relaxation and visualization session at the end of class.


Be sure to REGISTER TODAY, as space is limited; we only have room for six more students.  Our session will take place at the beautiful and inviting Suwannee River Yoga Studio.

Not sure if RESTORATIVE YOGA is for YOU?  Read what one previous student had to say:

Restorative yoga does just what the name implies; it restores a sense of calm and restfulness. Our lives are so busy. This is an hour to simply take care of your body, to slow down your mind, and just focus on breathing. It is so relaxing! I may have fallen asleep a couple of times! Relaxing poses are held just a little longer to allow enough time for stress to melt away. I recommend this class to everyone.

–Beth C., Educator, Lake City, FL



Leg up wallRestorative Yoga fosters inner and outer sense of peacefulness, spaciousness, and comfort.  If you are considering healthy changes to your life to enhance your daily ease and joy, if you simply desire to recuperate from life’s daily challenges, or if you are ready now to create a thriving future where you feel not only renewed but also empowered to reach for your best self, RESTORATIVE YOGA provides you a promising opportunity.


Reserve your luxurious evening of 90-minutes of RESTORATIVE YOGA here and provide your body-mind with the nourishment it needs so your tasks of holiday season are achievable and even more delightful as you feel rested and ready.



Is Restorative Yoga practice new to you?  Feel free to read my article about it here to know what to expect and how it can help you immediately.



HI passport size, 2 x 2 inAny questions about this delicious RESTORATIVE YOGA class?  I am Virginia Hill, the passionate force behind AHA Yoga, and am always happy to answer your questions.  I adore geeking out on yoga, so would love to speak with you.  Feel free to use the contact form below to contact me, or reach my by e-mail ( or text/call (949.903.5076).  I believe in the energizing and rejuvenating affects of all the yogic techniques I teach, but promise that RESTORATIVE YOGA is incredibly special.  Though it feels like you are not doing much work, your breath and body usually feel calmer, more open, and more relaxed after even just one session.  I make sure it is part of my regular practice, and not only do I share it with my students, but I insist my family members reap its benefits as well.  It is truly a healing and nurturing experience.


Come join us, or connect with me and find out more!