1:1 Yoga Mentoring

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1:1 Yoga Mentoring with Virginia

Do you feel you’re going through the motions as life slips away, and you haven’t really started LIVING yet?  Have you been through a rough few years and just don’t feel…quite right?  Do you know deep down that YOU ARE MORE–you have more to give–but you can’t quite figure out what that is or how to go about living your deeper, truer self?

Yoga CAN help!  It has helped me with all things, and more.

Does workplace stress keep you up at night…every night?  Do you find it hard to relax and snap at your partner or kids, then feel horrible about it?  Is it hard to shut off repetitive, disturbing, or negative thoughts?  Are you frustrated and know something must change?

Come experience the mental and physical calm of yoga, so you are ready to face the tasks of the day with equanimity, integrity, and contentment.

Do you want to try yoga at home, but always forget what you did in class or never know where to start?  Do you love yoga–or maybe you don’t but would like to fall in love with it?  Have you felt that yoga buzz of calm after class, or maybe even the longer-term transformations–how you’ve changed your breathing habits in your daily life, how you stand a little bit taller and move a little bit freer–and you want MORE?

Yoga is not just exercise; it is a tool that breaks old habits, and it can become part of your improved routine, to instill new, healthy habits that let you access more of your untapped inner resources, so you can show up and not only do but be more.

Perhaps you give and give, and are CRAVING some one-to-one attention focused on your care?  Maybe you feel worn out?  Do you need some time each week that’s just for YOU?  Are you sick of relying on others to feel (temporarily) good, yet know you must have YOUR OWN POTENTIAL you just haven’t unleashed yet?  

Or, maybe you’re simply ready for some RELIEF from the daily grind.

Then, you have options!  I have dedicated myself to teaching yoga because I know IT WORKS.  The great news is I’ve recently opened up some more time in my calendar and that means STARTING August 23, 2017, I’m welcoming in three new private Yoga Mentoring clients.  Would you like to be one of them?

What is private Yoga Mentoring? Well, essentially it’s you, me, and the rich practice of Yoga—truly!  It is a richer practice than many of us have imagined, and 1:1 mentoring helps open those possibilities.

Working with me privately means you get a compassionate teacher all to yourself, so we can take our time—it’s all about your time!—and develop your practice where you want it to go.  Nervous?  I totally understand and have been there.  That is also why I am a good mentor and so committed to private yoga mentoring; with 15 years of yoga practice and over 18 years in various teaching capacities, I have been both the scared student and the amazed teacher who gets to witness incredible student growth

Yoga is not just about exercise or flexibility–though it is great for that too!  It is primarily a tool to rediscover the best parts of you, to gain a little peace and happiness, and to wake up to the everyday beauty of what it is to truly be alive.

Maybe you’re recovering after a major life transition—divorce, empty nest, retirement, major illness, death of a loved one, job loss, career change—and desperately need to find stable ground to not only recover, but love yourself and life even more than before. Then know you can use yoga to find the power within you!  Try FIND YOUR FIRE:  Yoga Mentoring for Confidence.

Maybe you’re sick and tired of feeling frazzled, busy, and never enough, and you need to slow down, lessen the racing stinking thinking, and gain clarity and peace.  Yoga is a perfect practice designed to slow take a deep breath (many, in fact!), turn inward, and calm the mind.  Try TUNE IN, WAKE UP:  Yoga Mentoring to Slow Down, Quiet the Mind, & Gain Clarity.

Maybe you’re interested in crafting a home practice but you’re not sure how to get started.  Yoga is so big it is sometimes hard to know what is best and most sustainable for a daily practice, but yoga mentoring quickly helps you focus and get disciplined, secure,—and happy!  Try BRINGING IT HOME:  Yoga Mentoring to Develop a Reliable Home Practice.

Or, maybe you just love the idea of investing in yourself and your self-care in this way and having me bring yoga to you personally is a juicy, supportive thing you’d love to do for yourself!  Then any of these three offerings above are perfect for you.

Private yoga sessions are great for all of these desires. They are also really good for overcoming difficult life events or physical injuries, going deeper into your favorite or more advanced Asana (postures), fitting into your hectic schedule, and supporting the healing you are doing with other practitioners such as massage and physical therapists, personal trainers, acupuncturists, and chiropractors.  If you already come to yoga classes but want to enhance your process and all the yummy effects that come along with it, private yoga mentoring is a great approach.

Here is what working with me privately would look like:

  • As soon as you register we find a time that works really well for you, at the yoga space (I can also come to you; discuss with me first, please).
  • Then we meet and have your first session, which will go for 90 minutes, giving us oodles of time to talk about what it is you are looking for from your sessions, how I can support you fully, and what you desire by the time we finish working together. We’ll also go through some fun quizzes and questions to get you focused on YOU and your self-care (my favorite part).  Yoga, after all, is about learning our true inner nature, and enhancing the best parts of our self.
  • Then we’ll have a gorgeous hour of Yoga, where I tailor everything to suit what it is you desire. Whether that’s strong sweaty flow or deeply nourishing restorative: it’s your call and I’ll be there for you completely.
  • In between your first and second session, I’ll email you a list of the poses we did so you can start working on them at home. Of course, this is only if you feel like it!
  • Then we’ll meet on two additional occasions for two more hour-long YOU-ga sessions, again focusing on what your body needs on that day.

If you’re feeling jazzed by the idea of having me all to yourself to really dig into Yoga more fully, then I lovingly invite you to explore various options below.  These are my specialties.  Pick the best for you, then contact me to reserve your preferred weekly time for our sessions.

FIND YOUR FIRE:  Yoga Mentoring for Confidence

If you’re emerging from a major life transition and feel a little empty, unsure, or have lost your bearings about what to do next–or perhaps you’re feeling zapped and uncertain about your own sense of power–then this is the bundle for you.  We’ll use yoga postures to strengthen your body and increase energy, but also add specific poses (especially abdominal work), breathing, “locks” (think:  tight holding & squeezing exercises), mudras (meditations with hand poses), and affirmations that are designed to awaken confidence, inner vitality, and self-empowerment.  We’ll also touch base to explore what often unspoken core beliefs you hold about yourself, and slowly apply yogic approaches to teach your body-mind to be open to other, more open and nourishing potentials.  Over time, such approaches help you awaken to your own inner wisdom, knowing, and certainty that are there all along; the debris from painful events, wrong-headed mental chatter, and corresponding postural habits just need to be cleared away.  All of these yoga techniques are catered to your specific situation, body, energy levels, and desires.  The answers are not outside of you, they are within, so invest in yourself.  

Yes, please!  Sign me up for FIND YOUR FIRE.  For new students, all three sessions–including the initial 90-minute session, plus two regular 60-minute sessions–are yours for an investment of $154.  Buy Now Button

TUNE IN, WAKE UP:  Yoga Mentoring to Slow Down, Quiet the Mind, & Gain Clarity

This is for the person who is too busy to even stop and take a breath!  If you’re a workaholic and/or overthinker, this bundle includes techniques to unwind, tame that racing mind and bring it back to the body, and then integrate the body-mind to skillfully and systematically calm your nervous system.  We’ll explore the often unspoken assumptions that may drive you to go-go-go so zealously, and see which yogic techniques are the best fit to begin adding better habits.  Langhana (or “down regulating”) breath practices are crucial here, so we’ll be sure to learn a few and find what works best for you.  Depending on your situation and needs, most of these sessions will include a moderately-paced vinyasa (movement in and out of yoga postures in such a way that is coordinated with breath) and then end with a longer deep relaxation method.  To achieve the lasting equanimity and the mental and emotional clarity that follows, introductory meditational techniques are essential.  As with all our bundles, these approaches are designed and sequenced to your specific situation, body, energy levels, and desires.

Yes, please!  Sign me up for TUNE IN, WAKE UP.  For new students, all three sessions–including the initial 90-minute session, plus two regular 60-minute sessions–are yours for an investment of $154.  Buy Now Button

BRINGING IT HOME:  Yoga Mentoring to Develop a Reliable Home Practice.

Already in love with yoga, or want to be?  If you understand the deep benefits of yoga and want to ensure you get the most out of yoga–and your own potential!–by establishing a regular home practice that you will not only do but love, then this is the bundle for you.  Yoga is a practice, and the more intensely it is done and done with more regularity, the benefits multiply.  We’ll talk to find out bout yoga has sparked you so far (OR how to begin), and see what we can do to fuel that flame.  Together we will sequence a home practice of asanas (yoga postures).  To begin or take your practice to the next level, it is also essential to integrate pranayama (breathing) and meditation practices, so we will find the techniques that will work best for you.  In addition to helping you plan a home practice routine, we will discuss other factors that will ensure your success:  your home space, time, and other elements.  Just like with any new habit, it is important to be held accountable, so if you sign up for this bundle, (simple!) homework and weekly check-ins are part of the deal to get your personal home practice flourishing with Sthira and Sukha, steadiness and sweetness, firmness and ease!

Yes, please!  Sign me up for BRINGING IT HOME.  For new students, all three sessions–including the initial 90-minute session, plus two regular 60-minute sessions–are yours for an investment of $154.  Buy Now Button

Or…perhaps the above three offerings are nice, but not quite what you need.  Contact me and let’s talk!  There are more yoga possibilities than one post can convey; let’s chat to see if we are a good fit.  Or, perhaps you’d prefer to meet every other week?  Contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.

Available weekly time slots–all beginning AUGUST 23 & after–are Wednesdays at noon or 1:30, and Friday afternoons and evenings.  

You can check appointment availability on-line here.  Contact me if you need another time.

After your introductory packages, maintenance packages are available in bundles of four 60-minute sessions.  Maintenance Mentoring Packages are $192 for all four sessions, and available only for returning students.  Yes, please!  Sign me up for my Maintenance Mentoring Package!   Buy Now Button

Want to try Yoga Mentoring with two of you, you and a partner or maybe you and a friend? Contact me to discuss; I have discounted package rates for 1:2 Yoga Mentoring.

Want to know more about me?  Contact me, or read here.  Want to know more about the science behind how and why yoga is so incredibly beneficial?  Let’s chat, or read here. Are private yoga mentoring sessions not the perfect fit for you right now?  Then try our classes and workshops!

Space is limited for 1:1 YOGA MENTORING, so book soon, or contact me to discuss your needs. Look forward to practicing with you on the mat and beyond!

Lingering questions?  Just ask!  I’d love to hear from you and am happy to answer any inquiries.  Feel free to complete the contact form below: