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Yoga for Energy, Summer Term 2017Yoga for Energy!

Did you know that you can use simple breathing and movement techniques to immediately change your energy levels and emotional state?  Would you like to feel more relaxed and confident by applying simple grounding techniques and easy strengthening exercises?   Would you enjoy up- or down-regulating your sense of energy reserves just through syncing movement and breath? Want to find out more about how your physical body can playfully uplift your mood and lessen mental chatter?  Then this yoga series is for you.


This delightful 8-week series Yoga for Energy Summer Term runs THURSDAY afternoon AND evenings (4:00 to 5:15 & 5:45 to 7:00 pm), August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; September 7, 14, and 21, so choose which is best for you!  


Each class incorporates classic yoga postures and motion, organized weekly to focus on 4 different body areas in ascending order:  pelvic floor, lower abdominals, upper solar plexus, and then the chest, neck, and throat.  Two weeks will be dedicated to techniques to foster calm and increase energy levels, respectively.  Each session will also include 5 minutes of our usual diaphragmatic (“belly breathing”) centering breathing practice at the beginning of class; in addition, this series adds a different breath technique during or at the end of class.  Each of these pranayama (breathing) practices are used to energize, balance, or relax.  (If you’d like to explore an example, visit our article about Bee’s Breath here.)   Breathwork is the quickest way to regulate our nervous system and thus energy levels, and also takes yoga practice to the next level.  We will also synthesize other yogic techniques such as posture holds, locks, breath retention, mudras, guided relaxation, and visualization, all aimed at regulating your energy reserves and expenditures so you return to your daily living feeling refreshed and ready to thrive


All levels are welcome, whether you are a beginner or have years of experience. Even those totally new to yoga can enjoy this series and take these skills into their everyday healthy habits.

If this series Yoga for Energy sounds enticing-or if you simply need more Yoga in your life, or want yoga on Thursday nights–reserve your spot!

Ready to deepen your yoga practice for more energy, stability, and physical and mental ease on the mat and in your daily life?  Yes, please!  


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Thursday afternoons, 4:00 to 5:15 pm, August 3 through September 21 ($80 tuition includes ALL 8 weeks!):Buy Now Button

Thursday evenings, 5:45 to 7:00 pm, August 3 through September 21 ($80 tuition includes ALL 8 weeks!): Buy Now Button

Prefer to pay with cash or a check?  You may use the contact form below, or feel free to text or call (949.903.5076), e-mail (, or Facebook message us to reserve your place.  There is also a payment plan available; contact your teacher for details.  If this series interests you, but the time slot does not fit your schedule, contact us, share time slots that are better for you, and we will let you know when we offer this series in the future.  We have lots more in store for you!  If you’d like to stay in the loop about future offerings, sign up for our newsletter here.

Not sure if Yoga for Energy is the class for YOU?  Check out what others have to say!

I started doing yoga with Virginia Hill, the teacher for AHA! Yoga, or the first time in January 2017 & fell in love with it.  Yoga has helped relieve stress related to my job & everyday life challenges.  I’ve regained strength & vitality lost from my previous cancer treatments.  The deep breathing techniques & relaxation have also increased my energy levels & relieve anxiety caused by life’s stressors.  The benefits also come from learning the various yoga poses for building power & stability in your core body.  The Yoga for Energy class was great for learning these techniques.  I highly recommend the classes not only for people that have had an illness but also for anyone that feels the need to increase their energy level & boost confidence.  It has now become part of my weekly routine.

Leigh Ann B., Project Manager, Lake City, FL


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